Girls hippie Halloween costumes

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In the late sixties and early seventies, the hippie way of dressing was all about colors and fun. If your daughter wants to be a “flower child” for Halloween, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of costumes available in that style. It is also easy enough to put together your own costume from clothes found at vintage clothing stores, or tie-dye your own, if you’re willing to make the effort.

Three fun examples – and very cute, I think:
girls hippie halloween costume
Girls hippie Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: Feeling Groovy Child’s Brown Woodstock Diva Costume, Medium
Middle: Daisy Hippie Toddler Costume (Large-3T-4T)
Right: California Costumes Flower Child Costume, Medium

Dinosaur Halloween costume for kids

Whether pterodactyl, triceratops or T-Rex, kids love dinosaurs. So don’t be surprised if that’s what they want to dress as this Halloween. There is no shortage of costumes to chose from, so it should be fairly easy to find one that depicts your child’s favorite species. Some costumes come with mittens, which is great for keeping your little one’s hand warm – just make sure they can still handle their treat bag!

Here are three examples that I find quite adorable:
dinosaur halloween costumes for kids
Dinosaur Halloween costumes for kids pictured:
Left: Green Triceratops Dinosaur Toddler Costume 18-24 months
Middle: Forum Novelties Plush Cuddlee Triceratops Costume
Right: Forum Novelties Plush Cuddlee Raptor Costume

And I like both of these too – especially the one on the left:
dinosaur halloween costumes for kids - b
Left: Palamon – Plush T-Rex Child Costume – One Size (Fits Sizes 4-8)
Right: Kids Dinosaur Costume

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Sexy police woman Halloween costumes

Whether for a costume party or for an intimate evening of role-playing in the bedroom, a police woman uniform can make you look very sexy and in charge at the same time. Make sure the costume you choose includes a cap. You’ll probably want to get some accessories too, like some mirror sunglasses, a plastic club, a plastic gun and a holster, and of course, some handcuffs.

Here are three examples that I think would get quite a reaction:
sexy police woman halloween costume
Sexy police woman Halloween costumes pictured:
Left: Leg Avenue Women’s Dirty Cop Dress
Middle: Dreamgirl Officer B Naughty, Blue, Small
Right: Plus Size Theatre Costumes Cop Costume Police Uniform Costume Blue Mini Dress