White flat shoes for women

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Every woman should have a pair of flats in a neutral color. Flats are great for those days when heels just aren’t needed or appropriate, and getting them in white is a good way of making sure they won’t clash with anything you might be wearing on any particular day. Of course, white shoes will tend to show scuffs more than any other color, so expect to have to clean them often.

Here’s a pair that has a simple, clean look that appeals to me:
white flat shoes for women
White flat shoes for women pictured: Max Footwear May Ballet Flats

Little girls silver dress shoes

In a way, silver is a neutral color. It reflects the colors around it. For this reason it is easy to pair up with many other colors. For a little girl, silver shoes can work with a white flower girl dress, or with a multi-colored party dress. If the shoes are very shiny and adorned with jewels or other decorations, they can’t really be used as everyday shoes, although your daughter may want to.

Here’s a model I find very cute – love the flower!
Little girls silver dress shoes b
Pictured: Nina Delta-T Ballet Flat (Toddler/Little Kid)

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Silver platform wedding shoes

Silver is a versatile color for shoes, since it is a color that goes particularly well with white. This makes them ideal for wearing at weddings. A subtle silver tone is also neutral enough to go with many other colors. Unlike a wedding dress, the shoes you wear on your big day can be worn at many other occasions, so try to pick a pair that you think you will want to wear again and again, in different settings.

I love the ribbon-like look of these:

Silver platform wedding shoes pictured: Luichiny Women’s Mist Tee Platform Sandal