Womens Elegant Evening Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuits have come a long way. They are now designed in the most beautiful and elegant styles. What was once relegated to the casual category has now graduated to evening wear, thanks to the fact that the world’s top designers now have jumpsuits and rompers as part of their collection. And lately they have become the hottest thing in clubwear, so don’t be surprised if you see many of them on the dance floor.

Two examples I find very sleek and elegant:

Womens elegant evening jumpsuits pictured:
Left: Allegra K Woman Deep V Neck Sleeveless Halter Jumpsuit Light Gray S
Right: Allegra K Women One Shoulder Full Length Jumpsuit Black S

Guitar ties

When looking for a gift for a musician, you may first think of a musical instrument, but these are usually very expensive. A more affordable gift would be something that is simply related to music, like a tie that features a piano keyboard or a guitar fretboard. These types of ties are not usually of the best quality, but their appeal is more about their novelty – they are fun and funky.

Here are three examples – the fret-board one is quite clever, I think:
guitar tie
Guitar ties pictured:
Left: Guitars Tie by Tieguys
Middle: New Solid Satin Slim Skinny Guitar Denim Lab Tie – White
Right: Dave the Cat Tie – Guitar Fretboard

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Juniors onesies

Onesies are more popular than ever, and that means there are a lot of new models, featuring great patterns and color combinations. These are as popular with teens and adults as they are with kids. Look for models made of soft and comfy fabric, so that you can truly feel relaxed wearing them. Some models are footed, so they keep your feet warm as well, and some even have hoods!

Here are three versions that caught my eye – I especially like the pattern of the middle one:
juniors onesie
Juniors onesies pictured:
Left: Rene Rofe Juniors Plush Onesie Footie Pajamas
Middle: Deb Junior Plus Size Plush Onesie with Fair Isle Print and Hood Multi Color 1X2
Right: Deb Junior Fair Isle Print Onesie with Hood Candy Pink Large/X-Large

And here are three more that I like the look of:
juniors onesie - b
Left: Rene Rofe Juniors Plush Onesie Footie Pajamas (Large, Pink Owl)
Middle: Rene Rofe Juniors Plush Onesie Footie Pajamas – Dreamy Owl
Right: Rene Rofe Juniors Plush Onesie Footie Pajamas – Cheetah